Pug Love

Little Otsu

There once was a pug from Stoke

An old pipe did he like to smoke

But when he lit up one day

To his owner’s dismay

He singed his luxurious coat!

There are some things in this world that people go completely nuts over. For some it’s tiny babies, for others it’s One Direction, but for me, it’s pugs. That’s right, those small round dogs with ugly squishy faces who pant and go all boggle eyed after just two paces of exercise. Nothing in this world surpasses the cute factor of a roly-poly smooshie faced pug stitched to the max in snazzy knitwear (if you’re in doubt, I recommend you check out my Guilty Secret post when it appears). I must confess to having neither rhyme nor reason for this bizarre attachment, but thankfully I am constantly finding reassurance that I am not alone in my obsession.

It appears that the car industry has also taken notice of the humble pug. If I thought one pug was adorable, imagine my glee when Citroen stuck not one, not two, but three pugs, in the form of a kind of triple decker pug mobile, in their advert! Well, I was beside myself to say the least.

This version is not in English but that only makes the pugs tres cute.

Whilst satisfying my addiction to all things pug I came across Gemma Correll, a deliriously amusing illustrator whose pug sketches epitomise everything I adore about the snuffling critters. As far as pug names go, doesn’t ‘Mr Pickles’ just make you want to die it’s so pugfect? I could literally spend all day listing awesome pug names, but won’t. Although riddled with pug mania, I am still able to recognise that the vast majority of the world’s population continue to view pugs as the ugliest creature on the planet. But me?  Well, someone’s got to love them, haven’t they?


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3 thoughts on “Pug Love

  1. Michelle Parton on said:

    Hmm, this reminds me of that ladder word game where you have a word, you change one letter and that makes a different word. My sister started off being obsessed with PIGS, now she’s obsessed with PUGS… any guesses as to what the next word in the ladder will be? 😉

    • Pogs?! Now that WOULD be a flash back to the 90s!

      Am I also correct in remembering you were one of the only supporters of slugs? Perhaps it’s an underdog animal thing?

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