Studio Connie Kindle Cosy

A Knitting Pattern To Kindle Your Creativity…

Don’t you just love it when finding Christmas gift ideas is made really easy? Using my Miss Marple investigative skills I managed to discover that my Dad has bought my Mum a Kindle for Christmas.  Knowing how treacherous a handbag can be for items with scratch-able screens I jumped straight on the opportunity to knit this pretty yet practical Kindle cosy to protect it.  The result is a simply perfect Christmas Kindle Combo!

I hope that this pattern kindles creativity as it is certainly open to customisation. I already have a spring-themed pattern in mind ready for Mother’s Day. How about a different Kindle cosy for every month? The possibilities are endless!

With only one week to go until Christmas you’d better get started. The pattern is very quick and easy and only took me an evening to complete. I’ve written it out row by row as I find it easier to follow if I can tick off each row as I go.

This is the first pattern I’ve deemed good enough to share online so I would love to hear feedback if you try it out. I’m certainly an advocate of constructive criticism!

Connie’s Knitted Kindle Cosy Pattern

Reverse side of the Kindle Cosy


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One thought on “Studio Connie Kindle Cosy

  1. This is AMAZING. I love it. Perfect ❤

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