Hello 2012 – Hello Gotham City

A new year calls for new year resolutions. [Insert some self-righteous spiel about how I am going to religiously attend the gym, stop drinking, swearing and doing all things enjoyable].

Well, this year I have decided to make the ultimate move towards self-improvement. I will become a superhero. My friends Lucy, Rose and I made our first attempts at this transformation on New Year’s Eve, becoming Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Batgirl respectively. I must first apologise for the appalling video-editing you are about to witness. After becoming a superhero, improving my tech skills is next on the new year resolution list…

Every time I watch that video half of me is in hysterics and the other half is dying of painful embarrassment.  It’s healthy to laugh at yourself though, right..?

Audio for this was taken from Catwoman (2004), but the roar at the end is 100% Lucy.

All, yes all of that ivy is real and hand sewn onto Rose’s costume.


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