Hot Dog

If only I could claim that the reason I haven’t posted in so long is because I’ve been working hard on this knitted dog sweater. Unfortunately for me the design is so simple and easy to follow it only took me two evenings to complete! Modelled by my gorgeous neighbour Bella, a 10 week old lab, the sweater is actually designed for a little Yorkshire Terrier by the name of Wilba (hence the ‘W’ on the back).

Despite my definite soft spot for canine clothing I am no dog expert. Trying to get a young puppy to sit still for a photo is as futile as telling it not to chase the cat – no easy task, as you will see by the blurry pics that follow.

I trawled through a lot of patterns before I found this one. I wanted something straight forward and simple in design, so thank you Talking Tails for sharing!


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2 thoughts on “Hot Dog

  1. Michelle Parton on said:

    Tres cute!! :o)

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