Sunny Craftanoon

It was whilst lazing on a sunny craftanoon that I realised cupcakes are everywhere these days.

I remember in Ottawa you couldn’t walk down Bank Street without passing about 10 ‘cupcakeries’.  And I can see the appeal.  These overpriced delicacies aren’t just tasty, they’re also pretty darn cute.  Which is what led me to use them as inspiration for my card-making last Sunday.  As friends and family get older I’m finding it increasingly difficult to come up with unique card designs to mark their birthdays (I refuse to buy cards when they’re so easy to make at home).  Turns out that teaming a clean out of my room with an afternoon of craft was a genius idea as I was able to recycle some of my unwanted crap into something beautiful and new 🙂

To make this cupcake card:

1. Take one pair of pants (I would say old but you don’t want to present someone with a really raggy old pair of whities)

 2. Cut out of the pants a cupcake case shape (if there’s a bit of lace trim on your pants it’s always nice to include it!)

 3. Stitch the case onto your backing material. I used paper which I then glued to the actual card. You could use material or attach the cupcake directly onto your card (bear in mind this will be harder to sew through)

4. Cut some felt into the shape of a cupcake (I used brown for the cake and white for the icing but you can of course be creative with the colours!)

5. Glue the felt to the paper (alternatively you could sew it on like the cupcake case)

6. Decorate the icing by tracing it with some colourful wool

(I just chose a light pink)

7. And to finish, garnish the cupcake with a cherry cluster of  sequins!

There you have a well spent craftanoon, made even better if accompanied by the Kinks.

Stay tuned for the next instalment, it’s a beauty from Bestival!


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One thought on “Sunny Craftanoon

  1. TellySlave on said:

    Best birthday card ever! Didn’t realise it was made from pants though, love it eve more now!

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