November Knits

November, and more importantly Movember, have now drawn to a close and I’d like to give a nod to all the boys who raised awareness of men’s health by growing and maintaining exceptional moustaches.

However, who’s to say girls can’t join in with this awareness campaign? It’s important to get as many people as possible feeling comfortable talking about health issues, particularly men’s health as guys are historically quite a shy bunch when it comes to disclosing personal problems. Here four Mo Sistas showcase a fabulous knitted moustache in support of their Mo Bros and the bid to raise vital funds and awareness of prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Mo Sista 3

Mo Sista no. 1

Mo Sista 1

Mo Sista no. 2

Mo Sista 2

Mo Sista no. 3

Inspector Mo Sista

Inspector Mo Sista

On a slightly similar vein, I hope this big knitted cock mug hug (now you don’t get to write that very often!) will also help to stir up conversation around men’s health. You can find out more about Movember and donate here and please check out the super easy pattern for the moustache, you know it makes sense!

'cock' mug hug

A bit more background on the mug hug…

Ever since I discovered “Mug Hug” patterns by Alison Howard I’ve been playing around with different designs to adorn and keep warm a mug of tea. So when it came close to my friend James’ birthday I knew I wanted to knit outside of the proverbial box…

James and I have a unique friendship. We met in Leeds as students and quickly discovered that we shared a mutual love of tea and, well, cock. Whilst living together during my second year many a trial and man-related tribulation was discussed, debated and disentangled over a strong brew. Sometimes I wonder how I ever found the time to actually complete a degree.

Knitting @ Bestival

I’m seen here knitting the mug hug at Bestival. I was lucky enough to go as a steward for Oxfam which basically meant getting in for free, doing a few shifts and then having free run of the festival! Pretty awesome and as you can see I made the most of knitting whilst basking in the sunshine and listening to live music.

This is really childish but I found great amusement placing the mug hug over other words to create humorous situations 😉


Love of Cock


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One thought on “November Knits

  1. Was looking for a mug hug pattern, and your photo of Dave Cam made me burst out laughing. Love the moustache too.

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