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Pimp my Pup

Well, nearly a year on and the demand for canine clothing continues!

After the success of my last dog sweater, I made this adorable garment so that Wilba the Yorkshire Terrier could feel festive throughout the Christmas season.  Don’t you just love dogs in knitwear?

The basic pattern is available here but the snowflake design and pompoms I figured out myself so I’ll have to upload those details soon!

Snow flake jacket

Wilba Jacket


November Knits

November, and more importantly Movember, have now drawn to a close and I’d like to give a nod to all the boys who raised awareness of men’s health by growing and maintaining exceptional moustaches.

However, who’s to say girls can’t join in with this awareness campaign? It’s important to get as many people as possible feeling comfortable talking about health issues, particularly men’s health as guys are historically quite a shy bunch when it comes to disclosing personal problems. Here four Mo Sistas showcase a fabulous knitted moustache in support of their Mo Bros and the bid to raise vital funds and awareness of prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Mo Sista 3

Mo Sista no. 1

Mo Sista 1

Mo Sista no. 2

Mo Sista 2

Mo Sista no. 3

Inspector Mo Sista

Inspector Mo Sista

On a slightly similar vein, I hope this big knitted cock mug hug (now you don’t get to write that very often!) will also help to stir up conversation around men’s health. You can find out more about Movember and donate here and please check out the super easy pattern for the moustache, you know it makes sense!

'cock' mug hug

A bit more background on the mug hug…

Ever since I discovered “Mug Hug” patterns by Alison Howard I’ve been playing around with different designs to adorn and keep warm a mug of tea. So when it came close to my friend James’ birthday I knew I wanted to knit outside of the proverbial box…

James and I have a unique friendship. We met in Leeds as students and quickly discovered that we shared a mutual love of tea and, well, cock. Whilst living together during my second year many a trial and man-related tribulation was discussed, debated and disentangled over a strong brew. Sometimes I wonder how I ever found the time to actually complete a degree.

Knitting @ Bestival

I’m seen here knitting the mug hug at Bestival. I was lucky enough to go as a steward for Oxfam which basically meant getting in for free, doing a few shifts and then having free run of the festival! Pretty awesome and as you can see I made the most of knitting whilst basking in the sunshine and listening to live music.

This is really childish but I found great amusement placing the mug hug over other words to create humorous situations 😉


Love of Cock

Snug cowl & matching headband

As a reward for all the hard work I’ve put into training for the Oxford Half Marathon (which I ran today in 2 hours 23 seconds!) I’ve treated myself to some new knitwear. The cowl and headband are both super quick and easy to make and open to all sorts of customisation. Why not experiment with different colours or try buttons as a cute embellishment on the headband instead of a flower?

I wore the cowl and headband today and was asked where I got them.  Surely there is nothing more satisfying than replying ‘I made them’?  Knowing that you’re wearing something unique that no one can just go out and buy is pretty awesome… Smug much?

Download the patterns here.

Enjoy 🙂


Sunny Craftanoon

It was whilst lazing on a sunny craftanoon that I realised cupcakes are everywhere these days.

I remember in Ottawa you couldn’t walk down Bank Street without passing about 10 ‘cupcakeries’.  And I can see the appeal.  These overpriced delicacies aren’t just tasty, they’re also pretty darn cute.  Which is what led me to use them as inspiration for my card-making last Sunday.  As friends and family get older I’m finding it increasingly difficult to come up with unique card designs to mark their birthdays (I refuse to buy cards when they’re so easy to make at home).  Turns out that teaming a clean out of my room with an afternoon of craft was a genius idea as I was able to recycle some of my unwanted crap into something beautiful and new 🙂

To make this cupcake card:

1. Take one pair of pants (I would say old but you don’t want to present someone with a really raggy old pair of whities)

 2. Cut out of the pants a cupcake case shape (if there’s a bit of lace trim on your pants it’s always nice to include it!)

 3. Stitch the case onto your backing material. I used paper which I then glued to the actual card. You could use material or attach the cupcake directly onto your card (bear in mind this will be harder to sew through)

4. Cut some felt into the shape of a cupcake (I used brown for the cake and white for the icing but you can of course be creative with the colours!)

5. Glue the felt to the paper (alternatively you could sew it on like the cupcake case)

6. Decorate the icing by tracing it with some colourful wool

(I just chose a light pink)

7. And to finish, garnish the cupcake with a cherry cluster of  sequins!

There you have a well spent craftanoon, made even better if accompanied by the Kinks.

Stay tuned for the next instalment, it’s a beauty from Bestival!

Mini Projects

I lack a most sought after virtue; patience. As a result I excel at mini projects. I can never bring myself to begin an intricate, long winded pattern that will take a whole month. I prefer to act on my bursts of creativity immediately and produce something fabulous in an evening. I consider an Agatha Christie’s Poirot to be the ideal length of time a mini project should take. Who needs a stopwatch when you have those little grey cells ticking away? N’est pas?

Below are two of my more recent mini-projects.

The first was taken from a book. A wonderful aid to mini projects is the local library. It had never occurred to me to look for knitting patterns there but they have a whole wealth of books with all sorts of different ideas. I picked up Mug Hugs by Alison Howard and have used her ideas for a couple of presents. I made this personalised mug for my friend Joe. I’m pleased to say he loved it 🙂

Personalised Mug Hug – to keep your beverage toasty warm!

This card I love, and there’s a story behind it. Many moons ago, my Granny knitted an awesome sweater. When she found out I was moving to Canada she gave it to me and it was possibly the warmest thing I have ever worn. This is the Granny who also taught me to knit, so the sweater has come to embody a physical realisation of the skill passed down the family tree.

Awesome jumper knitted by my Granny. Fashioned here by yours truly, celebrating my birthday on the frozen Rideau Canal in Ottawa

This month saw my Granny’s 86th birthday and with all this I knew exactly what I wanted her card to look like. I knitted the jumper on normal needles and then transferred the final row onto a cocktail stick. I did in fact knit one row using the miniature needles and then left it half way as seen here. Bizarrely rewarding! Needless to say, she loved the card too 🙂

Miniature version of the above

Maybe one day I’ll take on a big project. But in the mean time, I’m quite happy churning out these mini projects. And of course, watching Poirot 😉

♥ Where You Live

Fresh Footage

Valentine’s Day. The date remains the same, but over the years the people we choose to share it with come and go. Don’t get me wrong, I am not about to unleash a bitter tirade of a woman scorned by love. Far from it. This Valentine’s Day, I have decided that I want to give my affection to something a bit more permanent. Something I can invest in and yes, something that won’t reject my love. This year, my village is my valentine. A bit bizarre and unconventional, I know, but I’m not embarrassed to say I love where I live.

Perhaps yet more bizarre and unconventional is the way in which I have decided to express my feelings. Ever heard of yarn bombing? The concept is simple. People with far too much time and creative energy voluntarily knit public spaces. Be it railings, telephone boxes or park benches. You name it, we can knit it. I did a lot of yarn bombing when I lived in Canada but when I moved back I wasn’t sure if sleepy Devon was quite ready for the modern knitting resurgence, bearing in mind that the original craft never really went out of fashion in the region.

Anyway, imagine my glee when I saw this feature on the local BBC news! Turns out even deepest darkest Cornwall is well into yarn bombing. Perhaps I’ve been too harsh on the South West?

So back to the case in hand, what is there to love about my village? South Brent (SB) has a constant energy pulsating throughout the streets. The community surpasses spirit, it has vibrancy and is always growing. Considering the size of the village (so far SB has successfully fought off the engulfing threat of town-scale development) there are numerous active societies and events to get involved with and a fairly self-sufficient village centre with all necessary amenities. Cue the ulterior motive. Ah yes, did I forget to mention that I’m trying to sell my house? Or get signatures for some NIMBY campaign?

I suppose the third bizarre and unconventional aspect to this post is that I’m not trying to sell anything. Just as people like to be loved and recognised, don’t places deserve some recognition too? So often we see people taking things for granted and too often we do not realise what we have until it’s gone. Unfortunately villages like SB are becoming increasingly rare and it dawned on me that if I do think SB is great, why not say it while I still can? Before I leave the village or before the village changes beyond all recognition. It’s not quite Carpe diem, but hopefully when people see the random knitted hearts scattered around the village, they might stop and think and take a closer look at where they are standing. It can’t do any harm to take a step back and just appreciate what is in front of us.

It’s a simple message and one, without sounding too preachy, I think we ought to take to heart.   Love where you live.

Hot Dog

If only I could claim that the reason I haven’t posted in so long is because I’ve been working hard on this knitted dog sweater. Unfortunately for me the design is so simple and easy to follow it only took me two evenings to complete! Modelled by my gorgeous neighbour Bella, a 10 week old lab, the sweater is actually designed for a little Yorkshire Terrier by the name of Wilba (hence the ‘W’ on the back).

Despite my definite soft spot for canine clothing I am no dog expert. Trying to get a young puppy to sit still for a photo is as futile as telling it not to chase the cat – no easy task, as you will see by the blurry pics that follow.

I trawled through a lot of patterns before I found this one. I wanted something straight forward and simple in design, so thank you Talking Tails for sharing!

Studio Connie Kindle Cosy

A Knitting Pattern To Kindle Your Creativity…

Don’t you just love it when finding Christmas gift ideas is made really easy? Using my Miss Marple investigative skills I managed to discover that my Dad has bought my Mum a Kindle for Christmas.  Knowing how treacherous a handbag can be for items with scratch-able screens I jumped straight on the opportunity to knit this pretty yet practical Kindle cosy to protect it.  The result is a simply perfect Christmas Kindle Combo!

I hope that this pattern kindles creativity as it is certainly open to customisation. I already have a spring-themed pattern in mind ready for Mother’s Day. How about a different Kindle cosy for every month? The possibilities are endless!

With only one week to go until Christmas you’d better get started. The pattern is very quick and easy and only took me an evening to complete. I’ve written it out row by row as I find it easier to follow if I can tick off each row as I go.

This is the first pattern I’ve deemed good enough to share online so I would love to hear feedback if you try it out. I’m certainly an advocate of constructive criticism!

Connie’s Knitted Kindle Cosy Pattern

Reverse side of the Kindle Cosy

Carrot Man

In my defence, I was unemployed when I created Carrot Man. As many will know, there comes a point when you simply cannot apply to any more jobs and just need a break. Well let’s face it, what better way is there to spend your break than turning a boring old carrot into a whole new personality?

You’ll be pleased to know that I am now employed and have been forced to leave all vegetable ventures to those still struggling to find work.

If you’d like to know how to make your own carrot man, follow my Easy 4 Step Guide.

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