Make your own carrot creation

Four Easy Steps To Making Your Own Carrot Creation

Step 1
Buy a bag of deformed Carrots from Tesco.*
* Most major supermarkets will stock deformed carrots but I found Tesco had the best selection.

Step 2
Rummage through the bag until you find one that looks like something other than a carrot.*
* For some people this will come quite naturally but others will have to work harder to stretch their imagination.

Step 3
Look around for props that could enhance your carrot. If none are to be found then try making something from scratch, like the sweater I knitted.

Step 4
Place your carrot creation in a vegetable-friendly environment, making sure it is secure and beyond the reach of hungry predators.

Et voila!
You now have your very own carrot creation. To preserve the memory of your vegetable critter I recommend taking plenty of photographs. You could even try different locations!


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